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Sarah Mukuti
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Fun Facts When Learning React...

When I first started learning JavaScript I thought Vanilla JS was the coolest thing I ever tried out. I was able to create simple applications that performed more tasks than simply displaying a set of static HTML elements. I found it intriguing to add programming logic to my applications.

I have been learning React for the past two weeks. At first I thought it would be pretty tough considering that I previously tried getting my way around angular JavaScript. But from the overview I leant that react was not really a framework. React is a library that was created by cool engineers from Facebook. You don't have to learn everything to start working on an application. Each component can be composed of a specific function making it easy to segment the code.
React components are reusable in different applications. React applications are also optimized in their performance. When making changes to an app in production, you do not have to take down the application to deploy the changes. React uses JSX syntax which is a combination of JavaScript and HTML syntax. It is easy to understand as long as one has a little experience working with HTML. JSX code is easy to debug.

React is practically rocking the Web Development thanks to the wonderful Facebook Engineers who created this awesome UI library.

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Anik Khan

I can relate to your journey.. I hve been learning React since last week 😁 I wish yu all the best.