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BigBrainKotlin#3 | Spin My Words...

ch8n profile image Chetan garg Originally published at ・1 min read

Don't be a Java-ish dev in Kotlin-ish world, improve your knowledge about Koltin Standard Library and write better Kotlin code. ✌🏻 If your Java dev migrating to Kotlin this will help you learn alot!


The aim of these articles is not hate on Java, but to help people learn various ways in which they can write the same logic better and more Kotlin standard library focused way.

Write a function that reversed all words in the String whose length is five or more letter words reversed.

spinWords( "Hey fellow warriors" ) => returns "Hey wollef sroirraw" 
spinWords( "This is a test") => returns "This is a test" 
spinWords( "This is another test" )=> returns "This is rehtona test"
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Try it out yourself, or submit it in the comments before checking out my solutions.

👉 BigBrainKotlin#3

Hope to see you on the other side...

Until next time. Happy Hacking! 👩‍💻

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