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Davide Santangelo for Chorally

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Chorally ( is an enterprise platform devoted to customer engagement and based on “Data Driven” model. It allows you to automatically collect and organize customer interactions from each of your communication channels. Filter and organize dynamic queues for custom logic and a quick assignment.


Create business rules to automatically assign cases to highlight those time-sensitive, or identify high-priority customers.
We integrate machine learning engine, natural language process interfaces and BOT management to automate your caring processes.

Integrated customer service trought human agents and BOT
Chorally is the first platform which allows integration of humanagents and BOT within the customer service processes without third-party software.
Discover the effectiveness of our BOT based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, optimizes the work of your customer service, lowering costs and increasing the quality of the service offered.

Data Enrichment and Monitoring
Know what people think – Get deep insights into the public opinion on any topic from across the social web.
Chorally integrates module to listen, analyze and compare web & social conversations about topics you want to discover/analyze.
The semantic engine allows a data visualization dashboard that lets you explore the conversations based on semantic entities such as people, places, companies or concepts.


Crowd Based Advocacy
Extend your community’s reach with peer-to-peer resolution – built to serve your social, mobile customers. Chorally integrates module to distribute actionable social conversations between your brand experts and contact center agents.
It will be very easy to match the customer’s request, with the right expert for a fast and convenient resolution, thanks to our predictive algorithms. Gamification logics help to involve and maximize interaction between experts and clients.

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