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Searching on GitHub

GitHub repos in general are a great resource for developers, especially those repos with thousands of stars! ⭐

That's why posts about amazing GitHub repos are among the most popular blog posts. In fact, I wrote one myself! 😉

Finding the most popular GitHub repos is no rocket science 🚀

Everybody can use the GitHub search and this post will help you understanding the search syntax on GitHub.

We will start in the upper left corner on GitHub, where the search bar is located.

GitHub Search Bar

Searching for repos with more than 100k stars

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This query will show you all repositories having more than or equal to 100k stars ⭐

GitHub search syntax

Here's a list of useful query operators

operator meaning example
>n more than books stars:100 will search for repositories with the word books that have more than 100 stars
a..b range between a and b kitties stars:500..10000> will search for repositories with the word kitties that have more than 500 but less than 10000 stars

These are the most suitable operators for finding the most starred GitHub repositories! 🐱

With that knowledge everybody can dig deeper into GitHub as they like. 🌈

Additionally, I highly recommend checking out what's trending on GitHub to see what the community is most excited about today!

P.S. I have switched the domain name of my blog to, recently. Feel free to check it out, if you like to find some more posts about my journey ❤️

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Madhuban Khatri

Useful for me

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Christian Kozalla

I am glad you like it!