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Code Climate has made my relationship with my codebase stronger than ever.


Ben, I've only ever used Sonar Cube. Any idea how it compares? I just installed Code Climate on one of my OSS projects,, to test it out. So far pretty simple to use.


Same. I've never been attached to developer tool of any kind until IntelliJ.

Edit: Well, any of the Jetbrains tools. Pycharm, Android Studio, PHPStorm, etc.

First tool I've ever paid out of pocket for.


I feel the same way. Although the college I go to gives it's students free licenses of all JetBrains products, I'm planning on paying the subscription anyways.

It's a proven known marketing technique. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that negatively--I'm also a student with the same free license and I love their products. It's one of the reasons I'm always more surprised more companies don't offer more freebies to campuses and schools--when I was in massage school, there were lotion and everything samples EVERYWHERE, all over, because the companies knew that the tools you learn on and grow into and pick then while learning are super formative and thus a really great way to build loyalty.

I really, really love the Jetbrains stuff.


Same here - it's CLion for me, but I came to it via IntelliJ


Jenkins, or any continuous integration software.

Oh Jenkins, you are
Always building all my code
Keeping out the bugs


Linter's autofix feature. Correct that indentation for me.


Prettier. So much less stuff to debate about in PRs now. We can focus on the real meat in the PR.


Your terminal, it's funny to think about how we just take it for granted. Everyone moves on from IDE, Text Editor or Browser but your terminal is always there and does what you want it to. That's why I think the terminal is a match made in heaven.


Agreed! I have never owned a Mac, always used PC. When I first had to do something on a Mac I had no idea how to do anything with that alien interface, so I just opened the terminal. Back to safety :)


Genymotion, since AMD is not very happy with the Android Studio emulator. (doing a post about it #ComingSoon)


Can't decide: Rust, Vim, Gitlab or maybe soon pijul?


LOL!, No one mention Wine?. You know what I talking about right?
Tooling alone.


without doubts Git! , I can change the language, the frameworks say that even editor but I can't work without a version control system :)


Possibly Cypress or Ava. Testing with these is just so much better than it used to be.

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