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Luis Felipe Ciochetta
Luis Felipe Ciochetta

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Creating a database from scratch with Node.js - Days 8-9

Hello folks!

Here I am talking about my database project again!

I've been working a lot on this project lately

First of all, I've written a better readme file for the project, so it's not necessary to read the code if anyone wants to just test its functionality

GitHub logo ciochetta / learndb

Database project I've created for learning purposes

New features


The project now kinda works as a driver for itself

To create the lql parser, I had to come up with a pattern for how I would receive the objects it parses

With that done, I just told the project to export the function that reads and executes these objects

There is already documentation on how to use it on the file

I've also created a repository that shows how to use it by example

GitHub logo ciochetta / testing-luisdb

Repository to test my database

Query improvements

LQL (and the database, by extension) now support the WHERE keyword:

Alt Text

Also supports WHERE AND:

Alt Text

And I'm not gonna lie, I loved creating the function that builds the where behavior, made me feel like a functional developer, ahahaha

Alt Text

And that's all folks

I will probably start working on the UPDATE and DELETE keywords tomorrow

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