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The DMV near me in Texas is pretty great. You go in, get put on a waitlist, and you'll get a text when you're next so you can go out and run other errands while you wait. You can even text back to request extra time if you're far away or in the middle of something.


Agreed. Went to DMV in Texas (DFW) and out within an hour. It's a hit/miss though - my wife spent an hour at least two times. It is still better than Southern California (used to live there few years ago) where I can expect to spend 2-3 hours, if I'm lucky :)


SMS is such an incredibly useful technology for things like this.

Haha I heard its a thing now in California dmv (not verified). If it is though, I wish they'd have it long time ago!It is unfortunate that it takes them a long time to adopt new tech 😅

I feel like building with the jamstack would prevent a lot of this considering that biggest reason for not adopting new tech is security


2-3 hours sounds dreamy now you will be lucky to get some issues resolved even after spending your day there

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