What is artificial intelligence? (1)

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Shortly artificial intelligence:

  • can model human intelligence,
  • can make meaning of events,
  • can generalize,
  • can learns from past experiences.

  • (1.1) What is intelligence?

    • (1.1.1) Intelligence Tests.
    • (1.1.2) Artificial Intelligence.
    • (1.1.3) Comparison of artificial intelligence and natural intelligence.
  • (1.2) Scope and fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

    • (1.2.1) Expert systems
    • (1.2.2) Robotics
    • (1.2.3) Natural language processing
    • (1.2.4) Speaking and understanding
    • (1.2.5) Philosophy
    • (1.2.6) Psychology
    • (1.2.7) Maths
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