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Discussion on: The State Of Progressive Web Apps Adoption By Developers In 2021

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Emmanuel Barroga

I think that the reason that not alot of developers are using PWA daily is simply to the fact that PWA aren't really anything special. In a nutshell, they're merely websites that use features that were not available to websites in the past. If you were to survey people about their usage of PWA and quantify it by determining if they installed it onto their homescreen or not, then I would say that it isn't an accurate measure of usage. Alot of websites request things such as location and camera access to name a couple... I would say that is a PWA, even though the user doesn't install it onto their homescreen.

Another thing to take into consideration is presentation of PWAs.... Half of people might not even be aware of PWAs. For instance, the call to action and the way landing pages for mobile applications are designed to get you to install the application is very apparent. You can't say the same for how alot of PWAs call to action to install it. Most would simply mistaken it for a website bookmark homescreen shortcut, or worse... if it uses basic browser banner/popups it looks like yet another shady thing trying to request for permission to do some thing you have no idea and have no patience to figure out and simply go into auto mode and deny.

For instance, I frequent alot, and I just visited it on my phone to see how to install it onto my homescreen and it's really not that apparent....

The adoption rate of PWA is probably higher than it seems as to me, anything could be a PWA and the end user wouldn't even know it.

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David Dal Busco Author

Thank your for the feedback, you share some valid arguments 👍.

In the future the presentation might become clearer. Chrome is testing or has developed a richer PWA installation UI. This might prevent what you describe and/or improve the user engagement.

Generally speaking, agree with you, the adoption rate of PWA is probably higher.