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Discussion on: Phabricator is Phabulous

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Great write-up!

I also love the Remarkup markup language specific to Phabricator. Compared to Markdown, it's just a lot more intuitive!

Also, you may not have discovered it yet, but by wrapping those codes in curly braces, like {P1} or {T567}, you actually get an embedded form of the object. Usually Differentials and Tasks are just listed with title and status, but other objects, like Pastes (P) and Slowvote Polls (V), the contents are actually displayed right there.

There's sort of a playful spirit about the whole thing that also makes it a joy to use, in my opinion. They even took the time to build a meme generator, Macro, right in. You upload images to Macro, and then you can embed them in any Remarkup text with a custom caption. Soooo much room for abus...uhm...productivity. ;)

Just for kicks, here's a (mostly) complete list of the applications in Phabricator to date. I've marked the ones I have never used with as *:

  • Almanac: Service directory for distributed computing/clusters.*
  • Audit: Browse code, post-commit reviews.
  • Badges: Reward users.
  • Calendar: Events and scheduling. (Prototype)
  • Conpherence: Chat with other users.
  • Countdown: Uhm...that's a countdown tool.
  • Dashboards: Customizable pages.
  • Differential: Pre-commit reviews (think pull request)
  • Diffusion: Repository browser and manager.
  • Drydock: Manage distributed build resources.*
  • Flags: Personal bookmarks of Phabricator objects.
  • Fund: Accept donations. (Prototype)*
  • Harbormaster: CI/CD integration.
  • Herald: Automatically issue alerts or perform actions.
  • Legalpad: Sign and track legal agreements.
  • Macro: Meme generator.
  • Maniphest: Issue tracker.
  • Nuance: Support desk task queues. (Prototype)*
  • Owners: Organize code by responsible user/team.
  • Phame: Blog (can even publish as external blog)
  • Paste: Store and edit text snippets; with highlighting and history.
  • Passphrase: Store credentials and other secrets.
  • People: User profiles.
  • Pholio: Graphics review (great for UI mockup discussion!)
  • Phortune: Manage accounts and billing. (Prototype)*
  • Phragment: Versioned artifact storage. (Prototype)*
  • Phriction: Wiki.
  • Phurl: Link shortener. (Prototype)
  • Ponder: Ask and answer questions, StackOverflow-style.
  • Projects: Manage projects, kanban boards, teams, tags
  • Releeph: Manage releases. (Prototype)*
  • Slowvote: Create, vote in, and view polls.
  • Spaces: Permissions control.
  • Tokens: Leave thumbs up, hearts, etc. on objects.
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Ben Lovy Author

I'm tempted to spin up a personal instance for my next large hobby project.