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I am about to get my Associates in Computer Science. My wife is in the military so we travel quite often.I usually have to retake a few classes because not all my courses gets transferred over very well.

We move about every 2 or 3 years and its only been delaying the time it would take to graduate. I was thinking about getting my degree from an online college like Colorado Technical University or Southern New Hampshire University online.

So my question is what do employers think of online colleges? Has anyone had any experience trying to get hired with this kind of degree? Is it even worth considering or is it better to wait a little longer for the traditional degree?

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I don't think an online degree will be too bad. Yeah it's not MIT or Stanford but I think you'll just check the box of "having a CS education" for many.

Some hirers will have an issue, but I really think many won't give it a second glance, and you don't need to impress every company, just one.


Okay great! I do want to work at a big company like amazon in the future and I feel a lot better knowing this degree isn't the end all be all thing in my career. Thank you for your responses

  1. Will an online degree be good enough to get through most HR Firewalls for the non bigger companies?

  2. Are there any online schools I should watch out for, or any you would recommend?

  3. Would an associate's in Computer Science be good enough to fill the "cs education"?



  1. Yes
  2. Doesn't matter as long as the program is accredited.
  3. Most jobs ask for a Bachelors degree, so I would recommend that first. But if you're not able to get that then you would have to make it work with an associates. Will be tougher to get something but it is certainly possible. Some people get dev jobs without a degree.

If you're trying to be a developer, where you get your degree from is for the most part inconsequential when trying to get a job. Your skills and portfolio are what matters.

If you're trying to work for the bigger and well-known companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc..then your resume may never make it past HR without a referral.

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