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Working with CSS, especially Flexbox or CSS Grid is 100 times easier than figuring out Bootstrap/ overriding all the Bootstrap stuff you don't want.

Also Firefox > Chrome.


I've never tried coding with Bootstrap, but just speaking as a passive consumer of web content, I claim I can spot a Bootstrap website from a thousand kilometers away. Whenever I suspect it, I do some view source, and voy-la, right every time. It's a certain look and feel that is very clichรฉ. Some websites simply scream "Bootstrap!"


I like Tailwind for styling these days - I find it's better for prototyping than Bootstrap and is less prone to making sites look "same-y".


I do use Chrome but only for it's developer tools which is awesome and to be honest better than Firefox's.


Chrome is great for JS debugging, but Firefox' DevTools really stand out when you're working with the layout. Especially if you're using Grids!

The main thing I'm missing in Firefox Dev Tools is service workers debugging

Yes, this is why I love Firefox dev tools too! I do a lot with the visual side of Front-end and the grid inspector, accessibility, and animation tools in Firefox are great.

Yes I agree completely too, I like working with Firefox dev tools for the visual aspect


+1 for both.

But about bootstrap, the design system sees important if you don't have a design to follow/need to create your own design.

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