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Deploying a next.js repo for free!

Hey There!

Are you planning to start a personal blog? Or a portfolio or rather any content that falls in the category of being bloggish? What does that mean, you ask?

Well, it means any site wherein the content is generally static and does not change much dynamically (see what I did there?). If that is your use case, then it's definitely worth exploring next.JS.

Starting a new next project is as simple as running the command:

create-next-app my-app
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Once you've made your changes to the generated app, you'll then think about deployment & that's where our friends at Vercel come to rescue.

Sign up for Vercel, and on the home page, click Import Project
Alt Text

Then, click on Import git repository
Alt Text
In the next step, vercel will ask you to give a git repo URL for which you'll have to upload the repo your're working with to Github.

After giving the repo URL, Vercel by itself understands that it's a repo built using next.JS and there onwards you're just 2-3 clicks away from clicking Deploy after which a URL is shared with you where your site is live.

Vercel is also kind enough to listen to your code pushes and build/deploy every time you push to your repository!

You could also set your own cool(and free) domain by visiting the domains section within your deployment.

Give it a try and let me know.


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