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Friend I think it is very interesting the contribution I would like to know how to implement with several changes as
if the soap is a url
and if the shipping method is POST with some shipping parameters
and how would the api type call in the url?


You can try this:

$wsdl = 'https://celcer.sri.gob.ec/comprobantes-electronicos-ws/AutorizacionComprobantesOffline?wsdl';

$client = new \Zend\Soap\Client($wsdl, [
    'soap_version' => SOAP_1_1,

$result = $client->call('autorizacionComprobante', [[
    'claveAccesoComprobante' => 'secret-key'


Thanks, it works fine, I just want to implement type api rest sending method POST

if(isset($_GET['c']) && !empty($_GET['c'])){
$key['number'] = addslashes(ucwords($_GET['c']));
$key['number'] = 'FALSE';

How to formulate a POST method
type api res

Sorry, I don't understand the question. The article and the context is about a SOAP webservices and not about REST or RESTful API's.

is it possible to convert soup into a RESTful?

No, this is something completely different and would have to be completely rewritten.

thanks for all the information it helped me a lot to understand the soap

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