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Have been a web technology cynic for 24 years even though I work with it everyday. Typical love-hate relationship. Somehow I landed in the industry back in 1993 and never left.

My core skillset is in Javascript, frontend and backend (NodeJS). My formidable strengths are with finding the right tool for the job using web and cloud technology.

I am considered a full-stack engineer with hoards of experience building web applications and processes in many languages: Javascript, Perl, ASP, Python, HTML, CSS, MS Access, Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Memcache, AWS Cloudformation/Lambda/EC2/S, CI/CD, Jenkins, Bamboo


Welcome! How long have you been working with fullstack JS?


Javascript? Since it came out - we call VanillaJS now :-) Since Netscape Navigator days using document.layers


Done my share of Prototype, jQuery, Angular, MooTools, etc... typical framework hater :-)

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