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Pick up outdoor activities / hobbies: jogging, walking, photography, swimming.

Ideally it is good to limit screen-time for the eyes so look at going to a local cafe and reading a real physical book or just go there and enjoying the coffee and watching (and judging) people passing by.

Organize activities with friends or sometimes yourself (bowling, darts, snooker, etc.) you don't need to be good at it but is a way to change it up.

Look into board games with friends if you don't have any friends available a lot of cities are seeing the trend of board game cafe where you can play with random people.

On my end I always hated and thought darts was stupid. After going there with colleagues every Friday night with some beer. Turns out it gets pretty fun and even turned out that I'm not half as bad as I imagined.


Nice advices buddy, thank you. Loved that "(and judging)" bit hahaha.

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