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What should I do in this circumstance?

Just a normal person(except I know nothing about html/css)
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I wrote a css code like this:
input type="text/css" {


And It looks like this:

But in the website I'm using, it looks like this:

I've also tried background-repeat but it ain't work in my blog.(worked well in Tryit Editor.)

How can I align the Image properly? it should've looked like the picture one.
I can't help with how the input box was coded since I'm not the one who programmed the website.

Please, help me saving my life & ass.

This is the original image as you see. thanks.

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불온녀 Author • Edited

Oh hell, I just figured that I made some stupid mistake :0

background-attachment: fixed;
background-repeat: repeat;
background-position: bottom right;
background-color: transparent;
background-color: transparent;

I wrote this tag to show background image but I forgot to remove "div" how dumb am I? XD It's all good now I finally solved the one mystery I have yet to face like, phew!