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re: Kick-start a Testing Strategy VIEW POST

re: Yeah, I'm being directed toward leading QA, but I'm questioned every step for making change. But I have got enough that my push to make tests that ...

For tests like 0=0 I think you could make a case to remove them but automation tests are more useful, I think it's worth keeping them in until you find a way to test the same stuff with integration or unit tests. If you have automation tests covering low risk stuff I think you could make a case for the cost in time to run the tests vs the value they provide and maybe trim them back.

Right, it can be hard to get to the bottom of why they are useful, see we have the equivalent unit test so it's not like I'm advocating it to not be tested.

Lots of educating I need to do, like explaining declarative languages their risks and why the unittests do cover the declarations.

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