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Do you see any paradigms, attitudes, or practices in other dev communities, (systems, embedded, data) that you would like to see more widely adopted in the web/js communities?


I come from a C++ background and think the web has an immense amount that we can learn from native platforms like Android and iOS. In particular, patterns for working under the constraints of slower mobile devices and networks that could translate back to the web.

One of my favorite recent reads was a book called "High Performance Android Apps" by Doug Sillars. It's amazing how much is in there about not stressing the CPU and being mindful of how much code you're sending over the wire, conditionally switching what you send based on the network conditions can be directly applied to the web with minimal effort. Exciting stuff.

We've started to do these learning exercises a little more in Chrome. Recently, we started looking at a virtual-scroller element for enabling folks to build efficient infinite lists. This led us to look at UITableView (on iOS), which recycles and has an elegant API for row templates. Where possible, rather than re-inventing the wheel, I would love for us to absorb as many learnings from other platforms as we can to better inform our direction on some projects.

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