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Discussion on: Deploy Rails in Amazon ECS: Part 4 - Create an ECS Cluster

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Daniel Golant

Thanks Raphael, I have been struggling with getting ECS running for a few days now and these posts got be from 0 too 100. One thing I stumbled on was that the POSTGRESQL_HOST is literally just the host (obvious in hindsight). It's just the thing in the endpoint, no port included, no DB name, no protocol (which again, why would I have to dictate to rails to use postgresql:// to talk to a postgres db??) . Thanks so much!

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Raphael Jambalos Author

Hi Daniel! I'm glad you found the article helpful. Thank you for this input. Indeed, I think this can be a common point of confusion, especially for devs coming from other programming languages where the database string is used. I added your feedback to the specific section in Part 3 to make sure people would avoid getting confused. Thanks again! :D