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re: Dude, those are React hooks. LOLz I find it funny that Vue stays relevant by copying what other frameworks do. Every time. On the other hand, Vu...

Agree that React Hooks are a great idea, and the concept (like for example a Virtual DOM) is worth adopting in other frameworks. I think Vue's version is even better than React Hooks - see this comparison. Also see this comment.


Hm, these points do not really ring for me. The thing that made hooks so neat is that you can compose them. I know you can do this here, too, but i have trouble understanding how this would go. In React there's a call order, which i don't see as a negative despite the memoization, imo it helps to establish linear intent. Also to me it seems thinking in lifecycles (mount/unmount) isn't ideal, too. With hooks you're dealing with what are essentially effects.

Here's an example, i wonder how something like this would look in Vue: In that example you see how they're composed in a linear order, one feeding the other. Items go into a shuffle, then together with columns and width go into the grid, the grid goes into a transform. If these were all observables that just happen to be driven by some one-shot hooks, would you be able to glance over it like that and see the connection?

I'm honestly curious, overall i must say i like the direction Vue is now going.

I've tried to flesh out the Vue version here:

Make sure to read the README. I'm open to questions :)

@linusborg Nice! You may want to change the third link in the README from a duplicate CodeSandbox link to 🙂

Nice! That helps a lot to understand the differences.

No, there's no implementation available yet, the proposal is still being discussed and not adopted

Right, we came across this userland implementation as well in the meantime, it's pretty cool :)

Considering all that's going on right now I haven't had the time to try it, and can't say wether I will find time to use it for bringing this example to life in the coming days.

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