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Discussion on: Is Multitasking Effective for Your Work as a Developer?

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Danila Petrova Author

To be completely honest, I understand what you mean, it builds up as a habit, and like any other habit, it can turn harmful if overused.

I did the same thing. When I was a teenager, I needed to commute around an hour and a half to school, and then again back home. Don't need to say how boring it can be on the bus.

I started listening to music, then added reading a book, then I started doing my homework. Now as I have spent a few years in the workforce, I maintained the same multitasking habits - listening to music while I work to avoid getting distracted, and then also on my way home while adding a book in the mix. However, putting myself through constant activity on multiple channels, so to speak, lead me to a terrible burnout and week-long headaches.

I am not saying that I don't listen to music or read on the bus anymore, but rather, I attempt to limit the times I do multiple things at once.

And I definitely try to steer clear of it while working and put in more dedicated focus on my tasks.

I hope this helps!