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Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel, but I'm usually known as Dani Sancas or just Sancas.

I've been into programming for less than a decade, but I found myself too passionate about it since the first minute. I've been developing web projects (mostly backend) for many years. I've started with ASP /w VB6, and then moved to PHP, I also worked 1 year with Delphi (Visual Pascal) and, as most programmers, I've been doing some things with Java.

However that's all in the past. My new love is the Big Data ecosystem. 2 years ago I've started using Big Data tools, such as Hadoop, Hive or Spark, but now my "toolbelt" is broader since I've included other tools like Nifi, Kafka, Flume, HBase, Zeppelin...

And, of course, I've switched my main language to Scala, embracing Functional Programming. Now I can say that "once you go functional, you never come back imperative".

My goal here is to write about Big Data, from the technical point of view (no business, no sales... no smoke at all!) so you (and me) can learn about it. I think I can improve my skills a lot while writing posts for other people.

I hope you find my articles interesting,
See you around!
Dani Sancas


Can't wait to read your posts! Welcome :)

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