re: What is YOUR ultimate goal that you want to achieve as a developer? VIEW POST

re: I don't think I'll accomplish this, but getting paid to write device drivers, kernels, low-level code, etc., is my wet dream. I want to be as close...

Don't let that shatter your hopes! Life certainly has unfair parts, but on other parts of it, it gives more than you ask for.. It's just how it works haha.. But perhaps work on those dreams as a side project, and hopefully it'll become a career one day.. All the best!! :D


Yes, but there's very little time and energy left overall. I guess I'm not that passionate about it? Either way, the problem with dreams is that you don't know what they feel like until you're there, and nine times out of ten it's a letdown. So, I'm kind of happy where I am at present. ☺

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