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re: Awesome, a few tech questions just curious: why StencilJS and not litElement? While I'm building my presentation, you are saving and deploying the ...

I went with Stencil probably because I already had a small experience with it and with Ionic. And well, I love it: Typescript, its tooling, prerendering, polyfill etc. it has plenty of nice add-ons on the top of the Web Components themselves which makes the developer experience just super cool. Also how Prop() and State() are "working" in Stencil are a really good match with our editor (as we are saving HTML in the DB).

That being said, I never tried litElement but it does look super cool too.

While you are editing your presentation, we are saving it constantly in Firestore. To do so, we are deboucing some events and if changes are noticed, then saves are performed. If you are interested about this, you could for example have a look at this helper class.

On demand, when you decide to publish or update your publication, the data are send to AWS, notably to a S3. During that process we generate or update a Progressive Web App for your presentation.

We have listed the services we are using in a specific page of our tool (list of services), it gives a bit, I hope, of transparency about it for the users.

Let me know if you've got more questions!


P.S.: About "debouncing", I published last week a blog entry about it, just in case

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