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re: Can't reproduce it on my Linux (using Firefox 70), gonna try on my windows (also firefox) once I get home.

Weird. Cool if you could give it a try again on Windows with FF.

Keep me posted and again, merci beaucoup pour les efforts et le temps que tu investis, super sympa 👍

Just tried on Windows, Firefox 70.0.1, the page doesn't have both scrollbars anymore.

The <code> tag inside the deckgo-highlight-code component had a overflow: scroll, which has been replaced by a overflow-y: var(--deckgo-highlight-code-scroll,scroll);.

(I can attest for the original behaviour because I didn't clear my cache and was still seeing both scrollbars, which allowed me to debug the old behaviour and compare it with the new behaviour I got once I cleared my cache).

That's so weird, as far as I know I didn't released, I think, something regarding this css 🤣 Maybe an old cache?

Anyway, that's super duper cool that you took the time to analyze this and I'm really happy to hear that it is solved (at least not two scrollbars).

That being said, I should keep that in mind and an eye on it! Definitely!

Again merci beaucoup, vraiment hyper cool 🙏

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