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re: Sure will do, at the the very early stages building the API but I followed a guide by Nader Dabit and it works. Firestore seems a lot less intimid...

I'm with you!

We are using Firestore for the editor but once published, presentations are build and deployed at AWS. My colleague Nicolas took care of that part with some black magic Terraform integration. I've got absolutely not clue how he managed to make that happens.

Interesting, thanks for the info!

My pleasure 😀

Btw., if curious, we are listing all the third party services we are using in a dedicated page on our platform. We thought it would be cool to be transparent about this too.

Cool. I'm curious about the name DeckDeckGo, sounds very like the internet browser DuckDuckGo, and you have a duck in your logo. Is that a coincidence?!

There is also a band Duck Duck Grey Duck here in Switzerland and went at a concert when I was looking for a name ;)

I actually ran a poll on twitter and slack channel and that's the name most of the people liked, so I went for it.

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