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Deploy Potatizer to DigitalOcean

In this post, I tell you the last steps to be able to see our little potatizer online 😍

Deployment in DigitalOcean App platform

With App platform, uploading our project has been a piece of cake.
After registering with GitHub and then linking it to App Platform, in two clicks I had the web live!

DigitalOcean log in screen

The only things we have to take into account are:

  • Choose the service that suits your website, how to render it. In my case: static sites.
  • Choose the branch that we want to run the autodeploy when we make changes (CD: Continuous Deployment).
  • Choose the command that will build our project: yarn generate.
  • If you have any environment variable, add them manually in the key-value pair inputs.

Once you pass the process, you hit deploy and you can forget about it πŸ’œ

You can see the live result here - πŸŽ‡Potatizer live demo deployedπŸŽ‡

Deploy Button (extended)

One thing that has driven me crazy about DigitalOcean 🀯, has been the idea of implementing a button that allows another person to deploy my project in their environment!

Deploy to DigitalOcean button

A fantasy, just adding a deploy.template.yaml file in a folder called .do in the root of my project with the following 'spec':

  name: cd
  # Service type: Static sites
    - environment_slug: html
      # Nuxt generate to build our project
      build_command: yarn generate
        # CD branch and url to the code
        branch: main
      name: potatizer
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And to make it run, we simply use the code DigitalOcean provide to add it to the web (in html) or to the readme (in markdown):

[![Deploy to DigitalOcean](](<repo_url>/tree/<branch>)
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being repo_url the github repo link, in my case, and the branch you've chosen (main).


If you want to take a look at the code, here is the repository.

GitHub logo Dawntraoz / potatizer

Generate your potato mood randomly with this without sense app πŸ₯”

I hope you liked the journey and that we have a few potaters laughs together πŸ₯”

Thanks for sharing these stupid ideas with me, happy to have you πŸ€—

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