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It would be interesting to separate out those who pay for their editor or opt for the freebie.

There's a good reason VSCode is free - MS is gunning for the mind-share of the new developers which is way more valuable to them than just being notable for having the best editor.

They have successfully turned the ship on this one with VSCode. Look out for a paid for VSCodePro when they clear 50%. Developers, developers, developers...


Possibly, though given MS's focus on Azure & the cloud, I think they're less focussed on milking devs for software licenses & more on betting on cloud revenue. VSCode is very much in line with that vision as there's many tools for Azure & such that are either built in or easily installable by extension, so getting as many devs to use VS Code as possible supports the whole Azure play they're riding right now.


Azure has an in-browser simple version of VSC which is gradually gaining features. I reckon it will eventually be one and the same...

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