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Discussion on: Stencil: I Think I Found My Frontend Home

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Ben Lovy Author

I don’t believe in a thick client.

This has generally been my leaning too, and why I like writing web servers a lot more than web clients - you're right, this is primarily a developer experience choice, but also partially educational. At least near me, TypeScript is a commonly seen job skill, and part of my motivation is working on it. I guess there's nothing stopping me from doing this in Node, which I hadn't really considered.

In general, all of these concerns are more than valid, and it's important to make sure there's continued development in that direction too. However, it is a reality, and becoming versed in it is important.

Svelte is the closest I found to something that gives me the output I want

When you refer to static site generation, do you mean Sapper specifically?

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Zane Milakovic

Yeah. Sapper is not ready for prime time as a live server imho.

I use sapper for my personal blog and for my company. The work I do for my company is a heavily modified version that solved a number of pain points. We opened PR for all of them to contribute back, but they have been siting since October.

But we made a decision to only use it for static gen.