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Discussion on: Hyper Webapp Template

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Ben Lovy Author

Heh - you nailed it with banging rocks together. I'm still playing with these, I don't know what to do either:

mod tests {
    use super::*;
    use flate2::read::ZlibDecoder;
    use hyper::body;
    use select::{
        predicate::{Name, Predicate},
    use tokio::runtime::Runtime;

    fn test_four_oh_four() {
        let mut rt = Runtime::new().unwrap();
        let response = rt.block_on(four_oh_four()).unwrap();
        let bytes = rt.block_on(body::to_bytes(response)).unwrap();
        let mut d = ZlibDecoder::new(&bytes[..]);
        let mut html = String::new();
        d.read_to_string(&mut html).unwrap();
        let document = Document::from(html.as_str());
        let node = document
        assert_eq!(node.text(), "NOT FOUND!");

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David Wickes

That made me feel better - misery loves company!

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Ben Lovy Author

I'm planning to include a fuller set with the forthcoming CRUD template, I'll copy the relevant ones back over.

They may not be pretty, but at least they'll be there...