Who inspires you in the industry and why?

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There are tons of devs out there, sharing their work on a daily basis, which ones get to you the most? Which ones have managed to reach you to the point that you see them share their progress and think to yourself: "damn, I gotta get my sh*t together and start making progress myself".?

Share the love and if they're part of this community, mention them in the comments :)

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This is perhaps a bit of strange answer, but I've always been fascinated by Terry Davis. It's definitely a sad story - Davis was schizophrenic, and his support system deteriorated over his lifetime. His interactions with the community were often combative and racist and when he died he was homeless.

However, the product that was his life's work is absolutely fascinating. He built TempleOS, entirely alone. Not only that, he created his own JITting C dialect first, used for system programming and shell interaction. So, we're talking a compiler, a kernel, a userspace. It's a multitasking OS, multicore, operates entirely in ring-0, with 8-bit graphics. He build both 2d and 3d graphics libraries for it, and went on to implement a full suite of applications for it, including a flight simulator.

This is a staggering undertaking. There's some fascinating engineering here, and a fascinating human behind it despite everything.


Nice, thanks for sharing! I didn't know about Terry, but it's an amazing piece of software and wonderful achievement!


Thanks for sharing! Any indication why you look up to them? It might help others understand if they want to follow them or not :)


These people work prominently on open-source Node packages that are used by millions of users. Unlike any other OSS developers they don't make a life of it. They have a day job and still make it possible to work. They could have backed-off of money since the dawn of Node popularity but they didn't. This video youtu.be/MO8hZlgK5zc (point made at 17:18) explains these economies.

P.S. I forgot to mention Feross


Well, I have always been a Jake Wharton fan, but I can't really decide between him and Roman Elizarov. They are both kind of the same and different at the same time. Jake is more like pushim himself to the next limit while Roman looks like pushes the others to the next limit. These are my both role models.
FYI, Jake Wharton is an Android Engineer in Google, while Roman Elizarov is a Kotlin Engineer at JetBrains. (I think he is also the head of Kotlin in the JetBrains team).

What values do they have? Well, Jake has been contributing libraries and reported thousands of bugs since Android was launched at 2008 and has made a huge impact in the Android Development. While Roman has great skills in explaining each problem and making it pretty easy and simple.

Never met either of them in person.


Thanks for sharing Stavro, I didn't know about either of them, but they sound like interesting people to follow. Thanks! :)


You can easily find them on the Android and the JVM world.

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