@mention people on dev.to

Can we @mention other people here on dev.to in articles and/or comments? I did not find this. If this is currently not a feature then I would like to suggest it.

  • Enables people to directly reference the post or profile when quoting somebody. Often I am writing the introduction to an article inspired by something someone said or people debated.
  • (assuming we are notified when mentioned) Enables you to invite someone to the conversation or bring a post or comment to the attention of somebody without sending them a private message. Hey! This article is super relevant. @jochemstoel you should read this.
  • A few more reasons to add this feature.
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Yes, the notification only triggers in comments right now, not articles. But that will probably happen too.

A feature that will need to come soon is autocomplete on the mentions. Right now it requires some extra work to make sure you have the username correct.

Do you want me to write it? That way it is a feature today and not 'soon'. I mean if you don't have time, @ben

Can we have some kind of autocomplete like on twitter? @jochemstoel

Mentioning in posts and not just comments to me would be a very useful feature.

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