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Mokka - A stress-reducing dark theme

demenskiy profile image Yaroslav Demenskiy ・1 min read

Hello everyone, I'm glad to present to you the first version of the Mokka theme for the Visual Studio Code editor.

The idea was to create a theme to reduce visual stress and improve code readability. To do this, I used a soft palette of colors and highlighted parts of the code that are important to distinguish.

The theme was developed specifically for JavaScript and React.js but also supports Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and SASS.

Enjoy your use. I will be glad if you leave your feedback and any wishes.

Download this theme on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

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I enjoyed it very much. Will it come with Charcoal next time? Thanks for your hard work.


Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate your attention to my theme!

So far, I have a number of ideas for a new version. But I will take into account your wish in future versions)


My new favorite theme


Nice to hear! Thank you!