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AsyncAPI Online Conference CFP Ends On Friday

After reaching 1000 ⭐ on GitHub, AsyncAPI Initiative community decided to go crazy and quickly organize a first, online AsyncAPI conference.

We just released the conference website

You can submit your talk proposal using this form.
The deadline is Friday, tomorrow, 03.04.2020
We know it is a short time, but the conference is scheduled for 22.04.2020 so not much time left. You do not have to submit a 100% perfect proposal. If we pick you, you will have a chance to prettify it before we publish the agenda next Wednesday.

Proposals we are looking for:

  • How AsyncAPI helps you
  • What products you built thanks to the AsyncAPI
  • AsyncAPI use cases
  • non-AsyncAPI but still super important for the world of event-driven architectures

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Discussion (2)

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Marc DiPasquale

It was an awesome conference, I was honored to be a speaker. Great job Lukasz and team. I think the pre-recorded format, with speakers being able to participate in the chat during the talk worked really well.

derberg profile image
Lukasz Gornicki Author

Thanks man, that was an amazing event, great experience that I would recommend to anyone