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Dev news and resources: AngularJs dev tools, machine learning glossary, exceptional GitHub repos and more.

Hey dev community, it's time to share the latest news and resources from our biweekly newsletter. Enjoy!

Developer Resources

Why programmers should add journaling to their daily routine. See the benefits of tracking moods, goals, happiness and habits. [DEVTO]

AngularJS development tools for 2021. With the help of AngularJS development tools, you can easily create a platform to promote your business—from a simple interface to comparatively complex applications. The following are top trending AngularJS platforms that are growing in popularity by the day. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

A simplified glossary for machine learning and deep learning. Ajit Jaokar couldn't find a concise machine learning glossary for getting started in AI, so he created his own as a mechanism to teach AI (machine learning and deep learning).[AJITJAOKAR]

The art of data storytelling. This is an interesting inspiration for data storytelling. [JUICEANALYTICS]

6 exceptional GitHub repos for all developers — part 2. What repos would you recommend? [MEDIUM]

An in-depth look at Angular 12. Angular 12 has just been released. Time to discover what’s new!. [JAVASCRIPT.PLAINENGLISH]

The worst question you can ask a software developer. Managers ask it. Developers hate it. Can you guess what it is? [BETTERPROGAMMING]

Why software security is a skill all programmers should have. Developing good software is synonymous with ensuring that your software can withstand any malicious attack. This is only achievable through the writing of secure code, the continual testing of an application, and maintaining control of who has access to your data. [MAKEUSEOF]

The Simpsons meets Data Visualization. Armed with access to just about anything that Homer has ever said, Adam Reevesman couldn’t resist putting on his data scientist hat in order to tease out some insights from one of the most prominent animated television shows of the past three decades. [TOWARDSDATASCIENCE]

How to overcome dread tasks. There are things you want to do. There are things you need to do. Sometimes these are the same. This post is how to handle life when they aren’t. [DCGROSS]

Understanding the Node.js event Loop. JavaScript is single-threaded, so how does it handle asynchronous code without blocking the main thread while it waits for an action to complete? [DZONE]

The art of accessing APIs. An overview of what APIs are, examples of popular APIs, and a brief tutorial on how to make requests. [CODEBURST]

Industry News

Announcements from Google I/O. What's new? Firebase has been updated with new features including App Check, and an updated Remote Config to customise app experiences. Flutter 2.2 is here with new features for app development. Smart Canvas will aid collaboration for remote teams. [XDADEVELOPERS]

Open-source developers under corporate pressure to adopt less-permissive licenses, Percona CEO says. Percona’s CEO had taken a swipe at open-source software vendors switching to proprietary or less-permissive open-source licences in an attempt to avoid being run over by cloud giants. [THEREGISTER]

Elixir v1.12 released. Elixir v1.12 is out with improvements to scripting, tighter Erlang/OTP 24 integration, stepped ranges, and dozen of new functions across the standard library. [ELIXIR]

JDK 17: The new features in Java 17. A foreign function and memory API, a new rendering pipeline for MacOS, and a uniform API for pseudo random number generators are planned for the Java long-term support release due in September. [INFOWORLD]

Introducing Site Isolation in Firefox. This fundamental redesign of Firefox’s Security architecture extends current security mechanisms by creating operating system process-level boundaries for all sites loaded in Firefox for Desktop. Isolating each site into a separate operating system process makes it even harder for malicious sites to read another site’s secret or private data. [MOZILLA]

Video uploads now available across GitHub. GitHub has announced that the ability to upload video is generally available for everyone across GitHub. Now you can upload .mp4 and .mov files in issues, pull requests, discussions, and more. [GITHUB]

The Notion API is now in public beta. The Notion API is now available for all developers to explore and build upon. Integrations built on the API are available to all Notion users, on free or paid plans. [NOTION]

23 Android apps expose over 100,000,000 users' personal data. "By not following best-practices when configuring and integrating third-party cloud-services into applications, millions of users' private data was exposed," Check Point researchers said in an analysis published today and shared with The Hacker News. [THEHACKERNEWS]

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