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How to face failures and critics? A Motivational Story of Kung Fu Panda


When you start doing something there will be a hundred critics, demotivators, competitors on the way. The ones who learn from all these incidents and improve are the only ones who succeed. Success isn't easy.

In this episode dp_says talks about his important Badminton match and what he learned from it for a couple of minutes and then I narrate a motivational story about a painter Panda who is the cousin of Kung Fu Panda. This story was narrated to me by a YouTuber Hitesh Choudhary.

What do we take away from this Podcast?

Learn and improve on the critics, but don't ponder on them.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

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venkat anirudh

Nice story..

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Tharun Shiv

Thank you🙂