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My Online Portfolio

My portfolio whit #React.

I have been working on my online portfolio for the last couple of weeks and I am so excited to say that it’s ready for you to see!

I am a beginner in #reactjs and I need your feedback
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Take a look =>
Repo Github =>

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Michael Parkadze

Hey, I do have some tips/notes that might improve your website's general feel.

  • the most important one is the navbar/topbar slidedown animation is way too long, it makes it much harder to focus on the content of the pages and also it is very tiring

  • Typography and general design feel, with the right amount of spacing and maybe making the social links a bit bigger it would look much better without too many changes or a redesign.

  • Uneeded social links, I would remove instagram/facebook and maybe keep twitter as they are not too work related and people who want to hire you for work do not need to know or have access to your personal social account.

Other than that everything is quite nice for a beginner react.js developer.

If you would like more tips or some general advice regarding desiging your website, connect with me over linkedin ;)

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dever404 • Edited

thank you for you tips

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charles carden

Just curious. What are you running this on? Linux server? Did you use a backend? I'm working on my online portfolio too and am using vue on the front end but still looking for a backend.

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Jamie Young • Edited

There're many static build libraries for React.js. I'm quite sure, that there would be ones for Vue.js, since it's front-end framework powered by js. Search for the keyword, "Vue static build".

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i deploy in firebase

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Alan Syue