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I once told a client, that I made a Screenshit for him.


Well fortunately, I discovered it myself and we never spoke about it 😅 I'm not sure, if he even noticed.

In my own defense: I is right next to O on most keyboards - this had to happen some time!



A client once asked me about analytics data on his website as follows:

“ how is the anal on my site?”
Bad word to use abbreviation, friend.


it's not if he has a pornographic website


With internal clients, there were a few.

At an old job, we had an internal system named Axis. Sometimes, it got autocorrected to Acid which lead to emails like "I'm on Acid and I don't see it!".


This is not a typo in itself, but was kinda funny.

We were once in class, and our teacher showed us a repo for some Java program. In the second or third line it had a comment saying something along the lines of:

// Fuck java man!

This isn't a typo but Ill shoot. During a certain hackathon we used git yolo to quickly push. Turned out we won and when the judges reviewed our code in front of everyone the commit message yolo used was "Who doesn't love a 8==D"!


Not precisely a typo, more of a techfail, but it's in the same spirit. One of my my old colleagues had a conversation over Skype with an external client. When talking about some kind of estimate, he said "It'll take less than 3 days", but typed it out as "It'll take <3 days".

Skype has this unfortunate behavior of automatically finding text that matches to emoji and replaces it, no matter where it is in the message, so what get sent out was "It'll take ♥ days". He panicked for a bit before re-sending it as "< 3".

Skype does this pretty often, even within code snippets -- if you have a piece of Kotlin, say, written as class Foo :Observable, Skype's gonna send it as class Foo 😲bservable.


Mistyped Mama instead of Ma'am as I was addressing my manager.


Had a quote for hosting by an agency come through to me today... £4000 which sounded a lot until until I noticed it was until 1st August 20201 !!