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NodeJS API Setup Shell - Open Source

Hi Everyone,

A few days ago I made a video about my NodeJS API Setup Shell project. This video will be publish very soon by the company where I work @ThisDot. After creating the video I decided that it will be a good idea to open source the code.

It's Hacktoberfest month, is there anything better to do than Open Source?

What Is This Open Source Project About?

How many times is has happen to you that you are going to work on a NodeJS API project whether you are a beginner on NodeJS or not and you have to setup your project from scratch, many right? if you aren't using something like loopback or any other library or framework of this kind, this process can be very annoying. I have decided to create this shell project where all you have to do is clone the repo and start working with it by expanding the code to your needs.

The NodeJS API Shell project already has a few things setup for you like scripts from the package.json

   "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha -w './src/**/tests/**/*.js'",
    "coverage": "nyc --reporter=html npm run test",
    "start": "nodemon server.js"
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I have installed also some of the most common middleware like:

   const body_parser = require('body-parser');
   const cors = require('cors');
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I have also setup the MongoDB Connection, a Config file with your basic Dev and Prod configurations, create an .ENV file, GRUNT and many other little things that you potentially will need in your NodeJS API project.

The implantation of the Shell is very basic with the purpose of beginners or experts to be able to use it.

Project Structure

Tools The Project Has

-MongoDB Connection
-Test coverage with NYC


Open Source Love

If you are into NodeJS and have seen repetitive things that you add to your NodeJS API setups all the time, feel free to add them to the repo.

-Fork the repo:
-Star the repo.
-Add some code.
-Submit a PR.

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Dmitry Lukanin

What about yeoman? Thought that there are many similar solutions using it.

devpato profile image

Feel free to add it to the projectf not I'll take a look to it an add it :) thanks !!