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How To Be Good At Coding

My mission at DevPool, is to help beginners and juniors to succeed in the tech industry. Instead of spending years on learning, I am here to help my viewers to get there in a matter of months!
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A lot of new developers wonder, how to be good at coding. To be honest, all what is takes is patience and ________________ .

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Discussion (3)

tamal_17 profile image
Tamal Das

"Consistency" is another thing that matters, be consistent when learning. It's a tough road, but worth it !!

balint_gyimesi profile image
Balint Gyimesi

Be open to feedback. And be open to change. Oh yes and be nice :)

ganda profile image

The main drive of Good programmer is to be "Consistency" when you learning.
Practice practice practice to become the Rock Star in Programming.