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Discussion on: 8 JavaScript Tips & Tricks That No One Teaches πŸš€

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Muhammad Talha Akbar • Edited

Great, Garvit! It's always great to know the language so well and bring about these unconventional ways to solve problems. However, it's always recommended to write code that is self-explanatory. And, I find majority of these tricks to be confusing (to an average eye). Use them when you really have to and leave a comment to make your intention clear.

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Garvit Motwani Author

Noted! and thanks for reading the article!

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Strat Barrett

On that note – which I completely agree with – it's interesting how readable this is Array.from(dogs) compared to if map wasn't so widely adopted :)

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An actual, Real Samurai • Edited

On that note, I'd love to see how performant Array.from() is compared to .map() that I know doesn't perform very well

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Michael R.

Now you've inspired a more ambitious project. Building a custom standalone performance measurement tool for Javascript.

It could be something similar to Runkit, but strictly for benchmarking the various methods and approaches to the same end goal. Like which is faster?

capsLockNames =
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capsLockNames= []
for x = 0; x < names.length; x++
  capsLockNames[x] = capitalize(names[x]))
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An actual, Real Samurai

I can tell you for sure that the for loop is way more performant than map. But if you do compare everything, I'm definitely interested to read.

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