Comic Sans is now the default reading font

Ben Halpern on April 01, 2019

Edit: Disregard this post. This did not work, for technical reasons. Rolling it all back. Before I get into the details of this announcement: ... [Read Full]
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I am now unironically using the comic sans setting and will be sad if it is removed


Congrats! - read the email came here to read this :D. Love how this community is nice, funny, and friendly place. I looked at the doggo (she is a cutie), and thought well this is a nice place. Then came here and saw couple of posts from professionals in big companies like MS then thought well you can really learn here and also be up to date. I think you're doing an amazing job here.


Protip: If you can't see the pages rendered in Comic Sans, then you're part of the B testing group.


Really nice adding comic sans.

it doesn't use it on mobile though


Thanks for trying! I guess a good thing to be a victim of your success.

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