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Discussion and Comment of the Week - v22

This weekly roundup highlights what we believe to be the most thoughtful and/or interesting discussion of the week. We're also be highlighting one particularly cool comment in each installment. šŸ™Œ

The DEV Community is particularly special because of the kind and thoughtful discussions happening between community members. As such, we want to encourage folks to participate in discussions and reward those who are initiating or taking part in conversations across the community. After all, a community is made possible by the people interacting inside it.

Discussion of the Week

Gotta give it up for @shahednasser for initiating a super helpful discussion around underrated tools! šŸ™Œ

There are loads of great suggestions throughout the discussion section of this post. Vivaldi, Alfred, vim, fig... the list goes on and on. If you're looking for tools and productivity hacks, hop in there. If you know of some that haven't been mentioned, please share! šŸ™Œ

Side note: if you like participating in (or even just tuning into) discussions follow @shahednasser for lotsa good ones!

Comment of the Week

As for our comment of the week, this one goes to @panditapan for their response to @maddy's entertaining and instructive 7 Key Red Flags To Watch For In Software Job Listings:

Big red flag:

"We are proud of our 10 step interviewing process that ensures high quality software engineers for our clients."

eh no sorry, I'm high quality* but I'm not going to put up with a 10 step interview process >:V sdjhsks

  • I will not die of low self esteem.

Pandita chimes in with a well put eighth point, noting interviews that trail on and on forever and ever are more hassle than they're worth. While I can appreciate trying to select the best candidates for the job, 10 stages is pretty ridiculous! And, as Pandita puts it in a follow-up response to Maddy šŸ‘‡, it just seems unnecessary and could easily be avoided.

Definitely, the 10 step process was incredibly dumb. It was something like: recruiter call -> hr meet -> lead pm of project -> code challenge call -> 10min english conversation call -> team meet and approval -> client approval -> one day at the office approval -> and two other ones I can't remember.

It's a great company based on what I know but it's way too many steps. I had two friends that reached the english conversation step and was dropped off. They could've avoided 3 steps if it was done by the recruiter on the 1st step DX

Lesson to recruiters and those in hiring, for the sake of your candidates try to keep your interview process as streamlined as can be.

What are your picks?

There's loads of great discussions and comments floating about in this community. These are just a few we chose to highlight. šŸ™‚

I urge you all to share your favorite comment and/or discussion of the past week below in the comments. And if you're up for it, give the author an @mention ā€” it'll probably make 'em feel good. šŸ’š

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aaaah thank you very much! glad my small comment was well received šŸ¼āœØ

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Shahed Nasser

Thank you for choosing our discussion! It was very helpful seeing the answers and Iā€™m already using some of them because of the answers šŸ¤©

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Michael Tharrington • Edited

Oh absolutely! Great one to share ā€” it's always super helpful seeing the different tool suggestions folks have. Really appreciate ya continuing to drop so many awesome discussions each week. šŸ™Œ