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Git On Linux

Git, that one thing that is like GitHub but in the terminal. Well, have you wondered how to install git on Linux? Well in 3 easy steps you can


#1. Open up the terminal
#2. Run this command: sudo apt install git
#3. Verify it by running this command: git --version

You need linux to do this, run the command git for a list of commands you can do with git

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I did like git cli on Linux before but it is productivity drainer now. I prefer using the git SCM integrated with vs code. I find myself commiting more often this way and also am easily track individual file changes across projects. It's gives a nice diff btw two versions. Git Cola is another nice UI option

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For Arch users, sudo pacman -Ss git

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Zefffffffffffffffffffffffffff Author

This is my first post and intended for the people who want to install Git easily