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My 100DaysofCode

Self teaching and progressing can be a difficult task, but thanks to internet for making it easy.

So people who dont know what is 100DaysOfCode

  • Coding a minimum of an hour each day for 100 days.
  • Tweeting your progress with the #100DaysOfCode hashtag

So I started this 100DaysOfCode when I was an employee and not as a student. When I was a student I was not aware that this kind of challenge exists even though I would code a lot during college days. I joined twitter on April 2014 but didn't but was not a regular user. During 2020, COVID crisis, at quarantine when I logged into twitter I found this hashtag #100DaysOfCode randomly on a post, then I checked with few people whom I know and came to know about this challenge.

So I started and tried myself to be consistent and did various tech oriented codes of my interest. I see few projects get inspired learn them and start creating projects. This challenge made me to learn more technologies which I am usually passionate about.

Below is the list of codes over my #100DaysOfCode journey along with their twitter links. If you have any doubts on any of the below projects feel free to reach out to me. Also the below may help anyone who thinks what to do in the 100Days of Codes as it covers various technologies

100DaysOfCode Journey

Day 1 - Created a Deno App

Day 2 - Was learning to make a 3D Rubixs Cube

Day 3 - Created a 3D Rubixs Cube in Codepen

Day 4 - Solved hackerrank puzzles & few freecodecamp tutorials

Day 5 - Created a chessboard using HTML & JS only

Day 6 - Created a static chess board with pieces & hosted using http server in local

Day 7 - Tried an animation in codepen

Day 8 - Learnt some react & created my first penguin

Day 9 - Created a digital dice using python

Day 10 - Machine Precision in Computer Science

Day 11 - RPA & Converted HTML to XML using C#

Day 12 - Trying out few js codes

Day 13 - Animation in codepen

Day 14 - Chrome extension to share quote or image

Day 15 - Chrome extension to download bulk images

Day 16 - Deployed app in vercel & updated github readme

Day 17 - Earned problem solving basic skill in Hackerrank

Day 18 - Started learning Phaser.js

Day 19 - Color a winged horse using Phaser.js

Day 20 - Using github CLI & some python code

Day 21 - Face detection image & video using python

Day 22 - Solved hackerrank problems (4th star in 10DaysOfJS) & game development

Day 23 - TDD using Jest in Node JS & spent time reading ML Models

Day 24 - Completed some more hackerrank problems(10DaysOfJS) & started with web design

Day 25 - A simple android app using java to open a blog site via an app

Day 26 - Created a game using phaser js

Day 27 - Created a twitter bot using python

Day 28 - Spent some time in web designing

Day 29 - Text to speech and also convert into mp3 audio file using python

Day 30 - Coded bouncing disco balls in codepen using html & js

Day 31 - Created a blackboard using html, css & js

Day 32 - Made the blackboard suitable for mobile devices too

Day 33 - A smiling animation in codepen

Day 34 - Contributed to hacktoberfest

Day 35 - ML Math & Flying spaceship using codepen

Day 36 - Spent some time in web designing

Day 37 - Worked in Docker

Day 38 & 39 - Learning to configure YAML files

Day 40 - Configuring Log management tools ELK Stack

Day 41 - Explored Node Js Streams

Day 42 - Created a desktop app using python

Day 43 - Extra features for desktop application using python

Day 44 - Explored winston npm for Node Js

Day 45 - Explored some more log npm packages & worked on log management tools

Day 46 - Structured & unstructured logs

Day 47 - More exploration and implemented logging

Day 48 - Worked on Node JS File Streams

Day 49 - Web designing for a site & getting ip using node js

Day 50 & 51 - Exploring about logging implementation in real time systems

Day 52 - Fancy text using html & css using codepen

Day 53 - CSS Blend mode for images

Day 54 - Kibana Visualization for logging

Day 55 -Music player using codepen

Day 56 - Explored some ML Libraries

Day 57 - ML & HTML Tags

Day 58 - Flip card using html & css in codepen

Day 59 - Color ranger using codepen

Day 60 - MongoDb queries in Node Js

Day 61 - NLP in ML

Day 62 - Date functions in js

Day 63 - Plot google map using python

Day 64 & 65 - Css Flexboxes

Day 66 & 67 - Data Science Project for birth rate analysis

Day 68 - Revised React Concepts via freeCodeCamp

Day 69 to 74 - Working on React in creating interactive UI

Day 75 - Completed Managing packages with Node Js via freeCodeCamp

Day 76 to 80 - Worked on various web concepts

Day 81 to 84 - Created an AIML application & worked on some css & node js concepts

Day 85 to 86 - Happy birthday music karaoke in codepen

Day 87 to 88 - Explored end to end encryption

Day 89 & 90 - Transactions in Node js & Started with Adobe photoshop

Day 91& 92 - Using Adobe photoshop & XD created my first poster

Day 93 & 94 - More exploration in Adobe photoshop & XD and solved hackerrank problems

Day 95 & 96 - React concepts

Day 97 to 99 - Solved few coding problems & some designing using Adobe XD

Day 100 - Solved some more complex problems & decided to start learning AWS

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Virag Kormoczy

Amazing dedication 👍

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Dhanush N

Thank you 🙂😊