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How to hire highly-skilled Ruby developers?

Ruby on Rails is a framework that is commonly used in web application development. Its core benefits are: high code quality, powerful toolset and increased speed of app creation.

With a large community of Ruby developers existing online, companies need to be especially attentive in their recruiting process. These are several important steps needed to hire Ruby programmers:

1) Set strict requirements but remain flexible

Before screening dozens of candidate resumes, decision makers need to clearly set the required skills & knowledge for their particular project. Identifying the ideal picture of the employee is essential for productive recruiting process. Although, recruiters should understand that finding a perfectly-fitting candidate happens quite rarely. To avoid rejecting decent specialists, recruiters should adopt a flexible & employee-centric approach. Conducting personal interviews usually helps to find out if a person fits the job or not.

2) Check their skills

While selecting RoR developers, a testing task should not be underestimated. This allows to verify their coding skills in practice. If this is not possible, ask them to show examples of their work in dedicated communities. In such way, recruiters can have an idea about candidate's experience and level of performance. Cherry on top, conduct personal interview to check the candidate's soft skills.

3) Get help of professionals.

If you're new to IT recruitment, it's better to contact those who have experience in closing tech vacancies globally. For example, many companies prefer turning to a trusted offshore software development company. This allows to save considerable amount of time & money (60% to be precise) while still getting top quality tech talents.

Whatever is your specific type of project & business, stay patient when looking for Ruby programmers. These specialists may play a decisive role in the success or failure of your project.

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