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Donald Sebastian Leung

A Year 4 Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology




Software Developer (Intern) at M-Labs

Giving a new life to a 15 year old computer

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2 min read

On Humility

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2 min read

A Gentle Introduction to Curry-Howard Isomorphism

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(Less than) 12 Days of Prolog - A guide + brief review of the Prolog programming language

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7 min read

An overview of programming languages (opinion)

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Testing logical equivalences (and more) using Z3 Theorem Prover

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What are the hardest programming languages you have ever learned?

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Computer Science 101 - Introduction to Linked Lists

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Improving your programming skills with Codewars

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The Importance Of Following Conventions

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Should a good programming language enforce one particular paradigm or should it incorporate multiple paradigms?

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Has type safety gone too far?

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