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The .NET Docs Show: The .NET Foundation and .NET open-source

In this episode of The .NET Docs Show, Claire Novotny (@ClaireRNovotny) shares the what, why, and how of the .NET Foundation.

The #HallwayTrack segment offered insight into why the .NET Foundation exists. Claire explained how a project would apply for membership and what benefits the project would receive. We learned that generous donations from corporate sponsors fund the foundation's efforts. Another smaller chunk of money comes from annual membership dues, which are optional.

This segment also discussed the composition of the board of directors. We heard what each board member is focused on and how that relates to the bigger picture. Additionally, Claire explained how the foundation is supporting user groups during COVID-19. Though Meetup is the foundation's single biggest expense, this virtual user group program is a critical support mechanism for the .NET community during these unprecedented times.

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