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Habits can be super useful if incredibly destructive. They can also expose information about yourself that you may not have even known. In The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg tells the tale of a 16 year old who had received coupons for "new Mom" products from Costco before she even knew that she was pregnant - they figured it out based on her spending habits.

It also tells the story of a person who was addicted to gambling, but managed to help themselves by changing some related habits related to how they communited to work. With the help of a professional, they were able to beat the addiction - but it was the initial work of beating some habits which helped get them in the road to recovery.

He also introduces something called the habit loop (Queue, Action, Reward), and postulates that you only need to change one of those steps for a few weeks in order to break the habit cycle.

I'd highly recommend reading it.


I'm pretty sure The Power of Habit is already on my hold list from the library, looking forward to reading it even more now!


Atomic habbits by James Clear is also very good. You can have a sneak peak to to his blog to see.

That's another one on my library hold list! It's actually due to be in my hands this week :)

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